Regular Checkups

Come in for your regular checkup! Dr.Hyun will kindly explain all you need to know about your dental health and needs in detail.

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth. Crowns are used to restore a tooth that has been damaged, but can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Dr.Hyun will use the best material based on each patient's individual needs.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Missing teeth can cause problems such as lack of chewing ability or even bone loss on top of cosmetic issues. 

Dental Hygiene

Keeping your teeth clean can prevent many dental issues. Get rid of plaque and tartar for a nice clean smile.

Oral Surgery

From removing your wisdom teeth to root canals and more, Dr.Hyun will make sure all procedures are as painless as possible.

Cometic Dentistry

We provide many options to help you have that perfect smile. Veneers, laminates, teeth whitening, and more, Dr.Hyun will recommend patient specific procedures for your perfect smile.


Feel free to get consultations from Dr.Hyun, who will explain all the options available to you. No overtreatment. Del Amo Dental also provides different financial options for your needs.


Dr.Hyun is a Invisalign® certified provider. Free consultations are provided for Invisalign. Book an appointment to start your way to that perfect smile.


Del Amo Dental Care | For your healthy smile
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